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How To Information

Please refer to the attorney user guide link that answers many common questions: How To JAWS issues with poor quality orders. Things that may cause these issues are: poor scan quality, unneeded images within the document, links within the document… Suggestions to correct the issue: create documents in Word and save as PDF/A, PDF documents should be Optimize to cleanup unneeded metadata, if you have to scan the document make sure the scanner glass is clean, the document is in good condition and it is scanned in straight with all pages facing the same direction. Additional information: An order and cover letter need to be uploaded together as two separate documents. Multiple orders should not be combined into one document and uploaded they need to be individual documents, for the Clerk’s office to properly process them. Supporting documents already E-Filed should not be uploaded into the JAWS system.
Notification to Attorneys
As of October 28, 2020, all court divisions of Pasco County, Sixth Judicial Circuit, will be accepting agreed-upon court orders and judgments via the “JAWS” system, except Probate. It is imperative that an accompanying cover letter be uploaded along with the order or judgment, confirming that the order or judgment has been agreed upon. At this time, Civil and Family Law Judges in Pasco County have the option to use JAWS for calendaring hearings or other docket matters, but they are not required to do so. To find out whether a Civil or Family Law Judge in Pasco County is using JAWS and for what purposes, please review the Judge’s Practice Preferences on the Sixth Judicial Circuit’s web site or contact the assigned judge’s office if the JAWS information does not appear on the judge’s preference page.

Judge's Practice Preferences

Also, JAWS has a tutorial to assist system users.

JAWS Tutorial/Guide

The unauthorized use of the Judicial Automated Workflow System ("JAWS"), including but not limited to providing false and misleading information for the purpose of obtaining access to JAWS or utilizing the user name and password of a registered JAWS user without the user's permission is strictly prohibited and a criminal violation of The Florida Computer Crime Act and section 815.06, Florida Statutes. A violation of section 815.06, Florida Statutes, is punishable as a felony and any computer, computer system, computer network, computer software, or computer data owned by a violator which is used during the commission of any violation of section 815.06, Florida Statutes, is subject to forfeiture.
Attorney Support
Please contact the Pinellas County Operation Center with any issues: 727.453.4357 or email supportctr@pinellascounty.org